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What we do

Firstly we help you achieve your goals, from weight loss to marathons.

We are a team of personal trainers who bring exercise to your home, office, garden or any outdoor space. We cover the whole of Cambridge , Newmarket and the surrounding area.

"Surely they can’t carry a treadmill into my lounge?"

We use a wide variety of kit to train each client these include, Kettlebells, powerbags, steps, boxing gloves and pads, Skipping ropes, Gym sticks, Tornado balls. There are so many different options to keep you training effectively and also keep it interesting.

How we work – We get results

Our 3 step training structure is highly effective and simple

Testing and measurements – Circumferences and fitness levels also posture and technique.

Exercise and training towards goals - Including home exercise plans to do on your own.

Results - Measuring improvements and setting new goals. (every 6 weeks!)

Who we are

We are a team of personal trainers who pride ourselves on being home fitness experts. We are all experienced and friendly personal trainers who come highly recommended in Cambridge.

Duncan Boltt Nick Apps Ed Miller Ed Richens

What sets us apart

We really are home fitness experts. We ensure training is effective and tailored to your indiviual needs.

We get results

Weight loss Using diet and exercise plans we help you reach your goals.

If weight loss is your target, we set you up with a diet plan to suit your needs. We also give you a weekly food diary to fill out so that we can help keep your diet consistent. Exercise wise, we will increase your energy expenditure during our sessions and also throughout your week.

Posture and core strength We specialise in posture correction and core strength.

First we asses your posture and core strength, we then produce you a detailed report on this including any things in your day to life which is exasperating it. Then using stretches and exercises we help you to find the optimum posture for you. Check out our posture page explaining how we work.

Our fitness assessments are on another level. Our fitness assessments aim to offer a full view of your physical condition. They cover, Physical fitness levels, posture, core strength, muscular function, body fat % , circumferences. Check out a detailed over view of our fitness assessments: (link to fitness assesment page)

Free exercise & health consultation - what are you waiting for? click for more details

How we train clients

Home personal training is a fantastic way to train, Life isn’t linear like a treadmill our training is fun diverse and functional.

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